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Meet the Team

Headshot Cody Garner Lucky Duck Photo photographer and business ower

Cody Garner

Head Photographer, Post-Process, and Print Maker

Headshot of Emily Garner Lucky Duck Photo bookkeeper web develope and assistant photographer

Emily Garner

Bookkeeper, Web Developer, and Assistant Photo Editor

Why is our business called Lucky Duck Photo?

Cody spent the spring and summer of 2016 thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, a 2,000+ mile hiking trail that stretches from Georgia to Maine, carrying a five pound photography rig for every step of the trail (25% of the entire weight he carried!). He was named "Lucky Duck" by fellow hikers after the colorful duck toy that rode along in his pack, his unofficial mascot.

How we do it:

We utilize some of the best L-Series lenses and camera gear that Canon has to offer, along with unmatched precision editing via Adobe's Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom programs. We have facial and body retouching skills that include blemish removal, iris sharpening and saturation enhancement, arm, neck, and torso slimming, and removing objects (hairs, wrinkles, crows feet, lashes,  etc). We use a full-frame, studio-quality DSLR, the same camera that has been a leader in top publications and cinematic work around the world for years.

Cody Garner Signature
Emily Garner Signature

What we do:

His real name is Cody Duncan Garner, a photographer focused on capturing images utilizing natural lighting techniques with an artistic approach. He has a vast background in various genres of photography concerning the styles and subject matter of images he produces. Cody and Emily run Lucky Duck Photo out of North Carolina, where they live on the coast.


We are interested in many genres of photography, including abstract compositions, fashion, portraiture, botanical study, product, still life, food and beverage, wedding and bridal, real estate, and fine art images. The diverse photographic background Cody has allows him to condense various skill sets in one single image, which further allows us deliver to you a solid set of images that will speak for your product, personality, or space.

In addition to photography work, we also offer high-end printing and framing services. We print with the same techniques, inks, and papers that we use for our own work to create a piece that will last a lifetime, with colors that never fade. Further, when enclosed in Cody's handmade red oak frames and mounted with acid free archival materials, Lucky Ducky Photo frames and prints are of museum quality, with a life of 200 to 300 years when kept out of direct sunlight.


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