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Landscape of Max Patch along the Appalahian Trail in Norh Carolina
Springtime budding pink flower
Close up photo of venus fly trap in North Carolina
Mushroom and moss growing along the AppalachianTrail
Sky, sea, and sand at Emerald Isle, North Carolia
Artistic reflection of trees in the water
Ansel Adams-esque landsace of a bridge and blurred water on the Appalachia Trail
Overhead close up view of a pretty red poppy flower
Seagull in flight overhad at the beach with blue sky
Lonely lake on top of a moutain in Maine on the Appalachian Trail
James River Footbridge in Virginia, the longest footbridge on the Appalachian Trail
Waves and foam and birds at the beach at Emerald Isle, North Carolina

This is only a small sample of our fine art collection.  You can see our finished, framed pieces in various shops in Downtown New Bern.  Our fine art prints are available for purchase.  We print limited runs on the highest quality archival materials with pigment inks and encase in handmade oak frames.  If you are interested in buying an image, series of prints, or a complete framed piece, please contact us!

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